[vtk-developers] vtkColorTransferFunction

Lisa Sobierajski Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Thu Jun 22 11:11:07 EDT 2000


I am make some modifications to vtkColorTransferFunction, and I have 
determined that I have two choices on how to proceed:

1)  Modify vtkColorTransferFunction so that R, G, and B are no longer 
independent. That means the AddRedPoint, AddGreenPoint, AddBluePoint, can 
remain, but will actually probe the current function to get the other two, 
then AddRGBPoint. The methods that would disappear would be GetRedFunction, 
GetGreenFunction, and GetBlueFunction since this won't use three 
vtkPiecewiseFunctions as the underlying representation.

2) Create a new subclass of vtkColorToScalar that supports the 
functionality I am looking for. This will also support all of the current 
vtkColorTransferFunction functionality except for the independence of the 

Is anyone out there using the red, green, and blue functions independently? 
I'd rather not see two classes that do almost the same thing, but my 
changes will essentially break some methods.

Any comments?


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