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Establish a portable library for managing hierarchies of objects in space. Features include:

  • Integrates with ITK, VTK, and Qt
  • Support for reading and writing in a variety of SceneGraph formats
  • Object representations point to data via URLs. IO of object data is left to companion libraries, e.g., ITK and VTK
  • Issues events on scene modification. Those events can be passed as VTK or ITK events or as Qt signals.


Developers information

Download the code via

svn co KWScene


and using a filter for the BUILDNAME

Build Instructions

Depending on the needed KWScene generators, ITK, VTK and/or Paraview builds are required. The following version are recommended.

  1. Paraview
    • Use version 3.10.1
    • Build paraview using SHARED_LIBRARY option turned on
  2. ITK
    • Use ITK V4
    • Build ITK using -fPIC compiler option
  3. VTK
    • Use VTK 5.6.1 version