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KiwiViewer can connect to existing ParaViewWeb sessions and download the scene for local visualization.

Creating a new session

Use a web browser to create a new ParaViewWeb session. Visit and you'll see the welcome page:

PWApp Welcome Page (in web browser)

Optionally, select a starting dataset or statefile from the Data to load dropdown. To start the session, click the icon next to Create session. You will begin a new ParaViewWeb session. On the left are the Layers and Information tabs, on the right is the visualization scene. For more documentation on ParaViewWeb and PWApp, visit

PWApp Informtaion Tab (in web browser)

In the above screenshot, note the Session Id in the Information tab. This session id is used to connect KiwiViewer to the session.

Joining a ParaViewWeb session from KiwiViewer

In KiwiViewer, select ParaView Web from the Open Data menu. You will see a Join ParaViewWeb Session dialog:

PWApp Informtaion Tab (in web browser)

Enter the session id and touch Ok. KiwiViewer will use the network to contact ParaViewWeb. If successful, the ParaViewWeb scene geometry is downloaded to KiwiViewer for local visualization. For large scene, the download may take some time to complete.