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vtkQtDebugLeaksModel Class Reference

model class that observes the vtkDebugLeaks singleton More...

#include <vtkQtDebugLeaksModel.h>

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Public Member Functions

 vtkQtDebugLeaksModel (QObject *p=0)
virtual ~vtkQtDebugLeaksModel ()
QList< vtkObjectBase * > getObjects (const QString &className)
QStandardItemModel * referenceCountModel (const QString &className)

Protected Slots

void addObject (vtkObjectBase *object)
void removeObject (vtkObjectBase *object)
void registerObject (vtkObjectBase *object)
void processPendingObjects ()
void onAboutToQuit ()
virtual Qt::ItemFlags flags (const QModelIndex &index) const

Detailed Description

model class that observes the vtkDebugLeaks singleton

This class is used internally by the vtkQtDebugLeaksView. It installs an observer on the vtkDebugLeaks singleton and uses the observer to maintain a model of all vtkObjectBase dervied objects that are alive in memory.

vtkQtDebugLeaksModel (Tests)

Definition at line 35 of file vtkQtDebugLeaksModel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::vtkQtDebugLeaksModel ( QObject *  p = 0)
virtual vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::~vtkQtDebugLeaksModel ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

QList<vtkObjectBase*> vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::getObjects ( const QString &  className)

Get the list of objects in the model that have the given class name

QStandardItemModel* vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::referenceCountModel ( const QString &  className)

Return an item model that contains only objects with the given class name. The model has two columns: object address (string), object reference count (integer) The caller is allowed to reparent or delete the returned model.

void vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::addObject ( vtkObjectBase object) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::removeObject ( vtkObjectBase object) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::registerObject ( vtkObjectBase object) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::processPendingObjects ( ) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::onAboutToQuit ( ) [protected, slot]
virtual Qt::ItemFlags vtkQtDebugLeaksModel::flags ( const QModelIndex &  index) const [protected, virtual, slot]

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