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vtkQtDebugLeaksView Class Reference

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#include <vtkQtDebugLeaksView.h>

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Public Member Functions

 vtkQtDebugLeaksView (QWidget *p=0)
virtual ~vtkQtDebugLeaksView ()
vtkQtDebugLeaksModelmodel ()
bool filterEnabled () const
void setFilterEnabled (bool value)
QString filterText () const
void setFilterText (const QString &text)

Protected Slots

void onCurrentRowChanged (const QModelIndex &current)
void onRowDoubleClicked (const QModelIndex &)
void onFilterTextChanged (const QString &filterText)
void onFilterToggled ()
void onFilterHelp ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onObjectDoubleClicked (vtkObjectBase *object)
virtual void onClassNameDoubleClicked (const QString &className)

Detailed Description

view class to display contents of vtkQtDebugLeaksModel

A widget the displays all vtkObjectBase derived objects that are alive in memory. The widget is designed to be a debugging tool that is instantiated at program startup and displayed as a top level widget. Simply create the widget and call show().

vtkQtDebugLeaksView (Tests)

Definition at line 38 of file vtkQtDebugLeaksView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkQtDebugLeaksView::vtkQtDebugLeaksView ( QWidget *  p = 0)
virtual vtkQtDebugLeaksView::~vtkQtDebugLeaksView ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

vtkQtDebugLeaksModel* vtkQtDebugLeaksView::model ( )
bool vtkQtDebugLeaksView::filterEnabled ( ) const

Returns whether or not the regexp filter is enabled

void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::setFilterEnabled ( bool  value)

Enabled or disables the regexp filter

QString vtkQtDebugLeaksView::filterText ( ) const

Returns the regexp filter line edit's current text

void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::setFilterText ( const QString &  text)

Sets the current text in the regexp filter line edit

virtual void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onObjectDoubleClicked ( vtkObjectBase object) [protected, virtual]
virtual void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onClassNameDoubleClicked ( const QString &  className) [protected, virtual]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onCurrentRowChanged ( const QModelIndex &  current) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onRowDoubleClicked ( const QModelIndex &  ) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onFilterTextChanged ( const QString &  filterText) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onFilterToggled ( ) [protected, slot]
void vtkQtDebugLeaksView::onFilterHelp ( ) [protected, slot]

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