Displaying data is good, but interactively manipulating it is better, as it helps provide you with a greater understanding of its shape and meaning. Doing that within an application that is tuned to your operating system’s window manager is best. The vtkRenderWindow subclasses provide a unified interface to displays tailored to the interfaces of a variety of Operating Systems and GUI toolkits. VTK’s low-level event system receives user feedback from the Operating System and funnels it into a set of platform agnostic, higher-level interactor and widget classes.

Interaction and GUI

  • Integrates seamlessly with a variety of windowing systems including Qt, FLTK, wxWindows, Tcl/Tk, Python/Tk, Java, X11, Motif, Windows, Cocoa, and Carbon
  • Includes a variety of interaction styles such as trackball and joystick modes for cameras and actors, along with customizable derivatives
  • Includes an extensive set of 3D widgets such as point, line, spline, plane, box, sphere, scalar bar, and image plane widgets whose appearance and behavior can be independently customized
  • Allows for Picking and Selection for on-screen mouse-directed scene and data inspection
  • Command/observer event pattern – objects can watch other objects for a particular event and invoke callbacks, as appropriate
  • Allows for events to be prioritized and aborted for complex event handling