[vtk-developers] Proposed style changes

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Wed Oct 11 09:25:52 EDT 2006

Glen Lehmann wrote:

>> 2. vtkCocoaGLView.h is an objective C header file.
>> #import "a.h" is equivalent to
>> #ifndef __A_H
>> # define __A_H
>> # include "a.h"
>> #endif
>> I think that's why there is no such #ifndef statement (and also there is
>> "@interface vtkCocoaGLView" instead of "class vtkCocoaGLView").
> vtkCocoaGLView.mm is an Objective-C++ file and within Xcode, I
> typically separate out my vtk pipelines into Objective-C++ files.
> Hence, I treat it more like a c++ file than an Objective-C file.
> Objective-C++ is a real mixed-bag, though, no matter how you look at
> it.  I guess the real question is: will this adversely affect any Mac
> developers out there?

I don't think it should hurt to have vtkCocoaGLView.h conform to the 
style guideline of having the sentinel like all the rest of the VTK 
header files. And having consistency is definitely a good thing.

Glen, go ahead and commit those changes since nobody has raised any 


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